… yup." she wheezes, trying to pry Spencer’s hand from her throat  "... Loud and clear ...” Well at least she knew where she stood with the evil genius — and that was currently two inches off the ground. “I’ll just um … take m’leave … I guess.

Spencer released her grip on Sky’s throat. She hung her head and sighed.  ”You will not speak of this to her.” she finally said. ‘Understand?” No, she can’t know how much of a sadistic, cruel monster she was. “She can’t know about this. If she ever found out, I don’t know what I would do-” she looked up and sighed again. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, not once in my life, and I have a feeling I’ll never feel this way about anyone else but her, and I won’t let you ruin this for me. Don’t tell anyone.”

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Doctor Johnson just shakes her head and laughs, like it’s funny even though it’s clearly not. Bad company was better then no company when it came to the long winter trips her husband had to take for work. Being a human rights activist wasn’t everything it was cut out to be. “Surprisingly, yes, too much.” Abebi keeps the statistic that usually accompanies her answer to herself; people who often talked to themselves were just a touch more intelligent then those who didn’t.


“Hey, that wasn’t a jab or anything- I do it too, especially when I’ve lost something like.. car keys.” she gave a small shrug. “Even though it’s kind of weird- you, just standing here.. alone.. talking to yourself. Some people might think you’re crazy- but I don’t, I mean, you know- I don’t mean to come off as an asshole.. I just- I kind of.. don’t have a filter. I’m brutally honest even though I don’t want to be. What are you doing out here by yourself?” She was one to talk, wasn’t she out here all alone by herself too?

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       The professor was clearing her head in the park. Writing a syllabus wasn’t what it was cut out to be without her husband at home helping her. The mutant had never seen herself in the position of being a teacher, yet there she was by coincidence in the job. She touched discreetly at the very light scar across her chest. It was a grim reminder she could no longer participate in the field.


"De’vante, I miss you. Please come home soon."

“You almost got it.” Lauren replied with confused eyes and furrowed brows. Did she normally talk to herself? Sure, Lauren would catch herself muttering things to herself from time to time, but who was the woman trying to summon. “Except it starts with an L.. and then is followed by an a-u-r-e-n and other bullshit. Normally talk to yourself?”

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me and my muse more like


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Send me a “۞” to see the pros and cons of our muses being in a relationship together



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"But he freezes things, freezing won’t work with fire… right? I don’t fucking know the ins-and-outs of all your powers but, but, I do know that you’re able to move water around like one of those water benders in-in-in-in that show and that! That is what I really need right now!" Ben bounced on his heels for emphasis. "I didn’t it start it because it was an accident so technically it’s not my fault and I didn’t realize that it’s so late but really isn’t it just early in the morning, right? Right. Yes. I will totally go to him next time!" He ecstatically babbled. 


“I’ve seen him freeze fire frozen solid.” Lauren replied, grabbing her discarded shirt off the floor and slipped it on. She slept in her bra and panties, was that so wrong? Yeah, she should probably be freaking out that there’s a boy watching her out clothes on but hey, it was 3 in the morning, she was numb to all other feelings that weren’t annoyance. As she stood, slipping on her shorts, she sighed. “Come on, lead the way. The sooner we get this over with the better, right?” He couldn’t have gotten a bucket or the hose right outside the garden? What a dumbass.

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Death Memes -- Send me one for my muses reaction
"You can't die! Not yet..."
"I can't live without you."
"Hey-- say something!"
"This is a joke right? You aren't really dead. It isn't possible."
"You still have so much to live for."
"Keep breathing! Focus on breathing!"
"I can't do it. I can't lose you, too!"
"It's my fault that this happened to you."
"It could have been anyone... Why you?"
"You have family waiting for you to return-- why did it have to be you?"
"Why couldn't it have been me, instead?"
"It was my job to protect you. I failed you."
"You must live on. You cannot die."
"I will avenge you!"
"If only I was stronger-- I could have protected you."
"Maybe death isn't as scary as people say."
"Death is beautiful."
"I'm sorry. For being so weak."
"I'll die if it means protecting you."
"I'm afraid. But I'll do anything to protect you."
"I saved you. Now-- Shut up and make the best of it."
"I'm going to die either way. Hurry and leave!"
"Never forget me."
"You're worth dying for."
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