She gnashed her teeth together aggresively. “You should know that I don’t believe in true love.” Tyler said, coolly. “Love fucks you, chews you up, and spits you the fuck back out, so I vehemently refuse to indulge in such fairytale fantasies such as love."


Tyler had to catch her breath after her rage, and breathed heavily several times. She just sort of glared at the girl with a deep hatred in her eyes, not knowing how to speak for a moment.

“Please I- I promise I’ll take care of you. I swear it!’” There was urgency in her voice- she was desperate for someone, anyone to love her. “I’m- I turn 16 next month.. I’ll get a job, and- sure, that means we’ll see less of each other but- I promise I’ll be good to you..” She didn’t want to be away from Tyler, not for school or work or anything- she wanted to always be with her. “I love you, and I want to be with you.. always. I won’t let anyone tear us apart.. no one! You’ll stay here where no one will find you.. and then we’ll be.. happy.” No one bothered with this old, abandoned warehouse anyway- it was junk and she had spent months and months preparing it for Tyler- as a temporary living space until Kat graduated.

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Kat Dennings Instagram: 

"Here it is, ladies! My ALS ice bucket challenge"

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Prim smirked, “Never said I felt bad for you.” she took a sip of her beer and set the beer down next to Maria, “I’m not going to tell on you if you want a drink.” Prim smiled, “Besides we all need a break every now and again. I think I would go insane otherwise.” 


Maria sighed. “Look, I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but I know that if I wanted a drink, I could damn well have one even if I wasn’t allowed to- they think that they could stop me from drinking? No. I could decapitate them in 5 seconds flat.” She wasn’t being cocky or exaggerating, she was being honest- she could do that. “If I’m going to risk my life for a country that couldn’t give a shit, I think I could have a goddamn beer.”

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#fallingforafantasy #shes being sassy as fuck and i LIKE IT #she didn't come here to play games or make friends #this isn't high school #she never went to school xD


Prim looked over to Maria back at the base and she chewed on her lip. She felt bad that she was all by herself while she was drinking with the rest of them. So she stood up and grabbed a beer to offer to her. Prim sat opposite her, “It’s been a long day. Beer?” she held it out for her to accept or decline. 


Maria chuckled and shook her head. “What? Feel bad for me? Please-” she scoffed. “I choose to be alone.. don’t want to get attached to people who I know are going to die on the field.” Technically, Maria wasn’t old enough to drink and she was rather young to be in the army anyways, but her special talents had gotten her in early, but why couldn’t you have a damn beer if you were prepared to take a bullet for your country? 

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When you find out a mutual follow has lots of followers

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If this doesn’t mean anything to you, please listen to this priceless piece of comedy immediately.

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same @ khloe tho

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Amelia chuckled, glancing at the woman for a moment before returning her attention to the thugs. “I knock ‘em out an’ ‘em out t’ dry,” she shrugged. As she listened, Mel grew quieter and her thoughts clung to deeper, more animalistic roots. She swallowed a bit, focusing her untrained eyes agani.


"No. I don’ kill," she said firmly, though a hint of regret edged her tone. "I’ve thought about it. There are so many bad people out there, that do horrible things.. but it’s not m’ place to kill. I put ‘em away. M’ friend makes sure they stay in there.. for good.” If Mel did kill, she’d be able to clean up the streets more efficiently. But she couldn’t. It was against both of her natures, a Star Child and Amelia.

After a moment of silence, Mel glanced to her. “Have you killed?”

Maria gave a soft chuckle at the young woman’s words and shook her head.  ”Have I killed? I thought that was kind of obvious.” she replied, pausing for a moment before she looked up and turned her head to look at Amelia. “Yeah. I have… more people than I could count, actually..” she knew Mel would probably think she was a villain, or a monster- sometimes Maria found herself thinking the same things about herself too. “The first one is always the worst.. sticks with you- haunts your every waking moment.. you can’t close your eyes without hearing their screams.. their screams of agony- their pleading..” she stared forward, off into the distance and it was obvious she was becoming lost in thought- in memory. She remembered it like it was yesterday.  

"It always sticks with you, kid. Every person you kill. Sure, after a while it gets easier but-" she looked down and started to mess with her holster. "It never, ever leaves you.. but sometimes, you think- killing that person is the only option.. and sometimes.. it is. You feel bad, you feel- terrible like.. God, what have I done? But-” she placed her hands at her sides, running her fingers along the brick rooftop. “You just have to do what feels right. That person could hurt someone.. scar them- they could have killed dozens themselves- but what gives you the right to play God? You don’t have a right. You don’t, but you do it anyways because you think- that kid will never forget what that man did to them.. that man deserves to burn.”


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Going to bed on the last day of summer vacation


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